About Us

MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art is well known for providing exceptional Drift Wood Furniture Creations that are one of a kind. We also specialize in outstanding Fine Art that is as inspiring as it is beautiful.

See our selection of unique and elegant pieces that are sure to enhance your home or office. Our eco-friendly wood furniture is made entirely of renewable resources. We preserve nature forever with natural driftwood used to create our furniture. Materials come from Narra tree or Pterocarpus Indicus driftwood. These are some of the most valuable tree remains in the Philippines. We import this wood to provides spectacular grains and shapes.

Whether you want a table made from a tree or a wet bar counter made from a fabulous tangle of limbs, you can find it here at MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art. We also offer chairs, bed frames and sculptures.

We feature exquisite modern artworks with outstanding landscape photography by Robert Park and more. These add an air of delight and class to any room or area.

MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art is located in Carmel, Indiana in the Indiana Design Center. We strongly believe in offering the highest level of artist inspired furniture and fine art.

We can just about guarantee you will never see what we offer featured in big box stores or at Amazon. MARTIN Gallery strives to satisfy the most discerning customer who demands a higher level of inspiration and satisfaction. Browse our site for a sample of what we offer.

Use our amazing driftwood furniture as the centerpiece for any room. From your kitchen to family room to den or living room; an extensive driftwood piece will draw oohs and ahhs from guests. You will find it adds energy and positive vibe to any room.

Our customer service is second to none. Please contact our team or our owner, Marlon Martin, for answers to all your questions. Please take a few moments to stop by our gallery and see our furniture and art in person. Often the extreme beauty of these pieces cannot be accurately portrayed in photos.

We look forward to making you part of our family here at MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art.