Lisa Pelo Taking Indiana By Storm With Her Incredible Glass Blown Art

Fine art gallery features incredible glass blown art from Lisa Pelo at Indiana Design Center. Having graduated cum Laude from Bowling Green State University with a BFA specialising in glass and a BFA in creative writing, Pelo was not your average student. She was the Valedictorian Scholarship recipient of 1982-1983 Academic Year from Lordstown High School, showing that her enthusiasm and zeal in life did not just start at art but stretched to her academic background too.


5 Fantastic Reasons to Buy Eco-Friendly Furniture

When you purchase eco-friendly furniture, you are doing a whole lot of good for preservation and protection of your environment, your health, and your wallet. Materials acquired from recycled goods or sustainable resources are used to make eco-friendly furniture.

When we buy something for our home, furniture tends to be the biggest and bulkiest products. They surely are an important decision and important aspect of your home. Everything that we buy or bring to use affects the environment some way or the other. Therefore, it is essential that we take a considerate and careful approach when purchasing furniture.

Listed below are 5 fantastic reasons to buy eco-friendly furniture:


Artist Spotlight: Robert Park, Fine Art Photographer

Discover a world-renowned landscape photographer, Robert Park at MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art. His photographs are appreciated globally for their mastery of color, composition and reverence for the spirit of the land. His organic, expressive environmental portraits capture the emotion, the drama and the power of the natural world. His artwork has made him a force to reckon in the world of photography.


4 Timeless Valentine’s Day Gifts For Art Lovers

Show your love in the most memorable way this Valentine’s Day with a fine art piece. Art is a wonderful gift to give to your loved one. It is an unexpected, timeless and personal present that your significant other will truly appreciate.

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, see some of the most incredible artworks at MARTIN Gallery of Fine Art below. All pieces are from the gallery’s featured artists.